7:03pm February 27, 2013

Stuff today:

  • I got an 85 on my test today, yayy. 
  • But there was a question asking what hormone was involved in diabetes inspidus and I made a note next to it that said “SIADH—too much” and I still put aldosterone deficit, instead of ADH. I’m a smart person x.x
  • I caught the bunny who’s been out and really hard to catch, so that’s cool.
  • But he scratched the shit out of my hands and I have scratches and was bleeding and ugh. Stupid asshole rabbit.
  • I hung out with Dave and Suzanne and stuff after class, so that was nice. We ate lunch and talked about periods. 
  • I sort of dozed off a bit ago, so I feel a little less tired.
  • I’m having a good Wednesday.
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